Larini's handcrafted road-going products have always been the epitome of efficiency and striking design - clearly revealing a great passion for automobile racing. Unique creations, a strong legacy of association with legendary racing cars, and precision engineering distinguish Larini as a leading aftermarket automotive designer. Every Larini value has been integrated into the modern product range, a selection of manufacturing masterworks that are a perfect match for contemporary supercar owners.

From the very beginning, Larini's unique constructions, melodic sounds and high aesthetic standards have enthralled the public and fuelled a boundless passion in those choosing to own or race automotive works of art.

Yet the history of Larini goes beyond technology and design - it is also a history of automotive pioneering and success on the racetrack in the field of competitive international motorsport. There are road & track drivers who love pure emotion, the type of emotion that inspires a passion; companies such as McLaren, Aston Martin, and Ferrari plan and design cars to give those drivers what they are looking for. Larini merely adds to that canvas to complete the picture, by seeking perfection via the medium of design & engineering.