Vehicle manufacturer warranties will not be invalidated in the following instances:

Q. Where the replacement part fitted is of matching quality to the component used for the assembly of the motor vehicle?

A. Larini Systems are manufactured from a higher quality material than OEM exhausts: typically 304-grade stainless steel, or higher, and are manufactured using internationally-certified practices.

Q. Where replacement parts used are of the same specifications and production standards as those used by the Vehicle Assemblers?

A. A Larini System is designed to fit to OE mounting parts and components such as catalysts without any modifications (including cutting, welding and bending of any OE parts). Fitting is a simple bolt-on bolt-off process which can be reversed or replaced at any time without causing damage to the vehicle or OE components.

Q. Where replacement parts manufacturers/suppliers are able to issue a quality certificate?

A. Larini Systems manufacturing processes and facilities are certified compliant by the strict guidelines set out by the EU & Internationally-recognised ISO 9002. Very few aftermarket exhaust manufacturers have such certifications.

On a separate note, if the vehicle manufacturer itself offers spare parts of differing quality (e.g. an "economy" or "premium line"), they cannot prohibit its contractual partners (i.e. main dealers and authorised repairers) from buying spare parts of the same quality/better from the independent market.

The European Commission declared that such clauses (as below) in a Warranty Document would represent 'An Unjustified Restriction For The Consumer’:

The BER (covering service and maintenance during the warranty period) prohibits vehicle manufacturers' warranties from including conditions requiring that all parts used must be the Vehicle Assembler's "original spare parts".