There are a selection of Larini cat cores available dependent on engine output, vehicle usage, catalyst position, ecu software etc. They are available in 100 & 200-cell count formations.

Once selected each core matrix is vehicle tested in differing climates, and exposed to differing fuel grades, to ensure core covereage in the correct amount of 'weighted' chemical washcoat - guaranteeing no emmissions or check light issues.



Larini 'Race' Pipes


Larini ‘Race’ Pipes are high temperature resistant, hollow pipes, which replace the original bulky catalytic converters. The original lambda/heat probe connections are retained. Used by competitors for durability.

Exhaust flow is completely unobstructed through these 'pipe only' components and as result there is typically a power gain. Temperatures are reduced too, as accelerated gas-flow minimizes engine-bay temperatures by dissipating heat more effectively. This is particularly important for improved performance, as cooler temperatures boost engine efficiency.

Furthermore, the muffling effect provided by the bulky stock cats is eliminated, subtly enhancing volume levels.

For off-road use only.

Larini 'Silenced' Race Pipes

Larini ‘Silenced’ Race Pipes are high temperature resistant, muffled pipes, which replace the original catalytic converters. The original lambda / heat probe connections are retained.

These innovative products deliver similar power increase as the ‘Race’ Pipes but are 'silenced' using mini-resonators to reduce volume for competitors who want more power, with only a slight increase in volume. Yet, the ‘note’ and ‘tone’ of the engine are significantly improved. An ideal compromise.

Furthermore, torque increase is typically higher than that of a ‘Race’ Pipe as back pressure levels are modulated optimally.

For off-road use only.

Larini 'LM' Catalysts

All Larini exhaust catalyst sections, normally supplied in thin wall lightweight stainless steel, can be supplied in ultra-lightweight, Formula One™ grade, Inconel 625.

Inconel material is used as standard throughout the Larini 'LM' range of exhaust and catalyst applications. Please enquire.

NB: Vehicles registered on or after 1st August 1992, are required to have a fully functioning catalyst fitted in order to comply with U.K. MOT test requirements. Insurance outlines follow the same parameters. (Many other countries have similar guidelines).