Enhancement emphasis is focused around:

(1) Improving the engine's low-down and mid-range torque and power outputs. Outright power outputs in the higher rev limits are rarely where the extra performance can be used on the road. Development is based around more engine efficiency where the real-world driver needs it, thus making the car more driveable.

(2) Optimised performance from the Larini range of catalysts and mufflers, when coupled with a Larini Computer (ECU). Please Note: While a vehicle equipped with our Programme upgrades will experience driveability gains as a result of the increased efficiency of the engine, performance gains can be made on a standard vehicle.

(3) Country Usage. Manufacturers often produce a single ECU set-up/'map' catering for a broad range of model platforms, countries, climates, emissions regulations, and fuels etc. This results in manufacturers selling an automobile in various markets bound by a huge and varying set of parameters. However, most modern engines are equipped with an Engine Control Unit (ECU) which can be modified to different settings, post vehicle fitment, to produce different performance levels. This allows a vehicle post sale, to be aftermarket tuned to suit the particular buyer's country or needs to regain lost engine efficiency. Automated gearbox efficiency can similarly be improved.