Larini ‘Valve Control’ Technology

Utilising independently designed and tested pneumatic valves (operated via actuator), Larini produces high performance Larini 'Valve Control' Technology exhaust systems.

Larini Valve Control Technology systems see custom back pressure weighted valves utilised within the lighter weight exhaust systems. This allows the freedom to design and create an even higher pitched sound when in the 'open' position - without offensive low down resonance when cruising, and no negative technical issues.

Larini ‘ActiValve’ Tech

For use with luxury and exotic Supercars, Larini produces high performance, Inconel & Stainless Steel, Larini 'ActiValve' Tech exhaust assemblies.

The original heavy exhaust valve flap mufflers are used as a means of quietening the car exhaust sound crudely for stringent noise 'drive-by' tests. However, Larini 'ActiValve' Tech sees custom flow weighted valves utilised within the exhaust system to allow even greater freedom of lightweight exhaust design, benefiting all areas of handling and performance. Larini ActiValves are typically utilised so when in the open position the free-flow path allows even greater gas outflow, as well as acoustic volume. Once fitted, there are no negative technical issues, just increased vehicle efficiency.

Please note: Due to potential issues with excessive volume and vibration, ActiValve assemblies are not available for all vehicles listed.