Larini 'LMC' Race Pipes (INCONEL)Part No: LA3380LMCRACEPETA: To Order$8,963


  • CAD Designed & CNC Executed


  • Thermal Insulation

  • Laser Cut Mounting Flanges

  • Laser Cut Mounting Brackets

  • Vent-Matrix Heat Shielding

  • Tig Welded Assembly


  • Precision Engineered For Accurate Fit

  • Larini Systems Warranty

  • CNC-Machined Lambda Bosses

  • Original Lambda Probes Retained

  • Unrivalled Lightweight Construction With Durability


  • Deeper Tone

  • Increased, Robust, Volume Levels

  • Off Road Use Only


  • Unobstructed Gas Out Flow

  • Weight Reduction

  • Lower Operating Temperatures

  • Controlled Temperatures> Aiding Performance Efficiency





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FULL INCONEL 625 CONSTRUCTION... Experience counts - on track and on road. Hence, all lightweight race pipes are not designed equally. The quality of construction, testing, and sign-off is critical when using lightweight materials. Due to the elite costs involved, the end user must ask certain questions - Does your designer have a history of working with exotic materials, tested to destruction, in the harshest of environments? Are these systems made and tested on a physical car, or simply 'on the bench'? Warranty status? Is the designer trusted by owners globally, for decades, with only the world's finest Exotic cars to create an elusive and spectacular sound WITHOUT harming performance and durability? What is the credibility of the Thermal Barrier used?

Endurance/Competition/Race... INCONEL 625 Larini ‘LMC’ Race Pipes are high temperature resistant INCONEL SHIELDED, hollow pipes, which replace the original bulky catalytic converters. The original lambda/heat probe connections are retained.

Exhaust flow is completely unobstructed through these 'pipe only' components. Temperatures are reduced too, as accelerated gas-flow minimizes engine-bay temperatures by dissipating heat more effectively. This is particularly important for improved performance, as cooler temperatures boost engine efficiency.

Furthermore, the muffling effect provided by the bulky stock cats is eliminated, enhancing volume levels.

For Off Road Use Only.

NB: Vehicles registered on or after 1st August 1992, are required to have a fully functioning catalyst fitted in order to comply with U.K. MOT test requirements. (Many other countries have similar requirements).

LARINI components, where supplied in thin wall stainless steel, can be supplied in ultra-lightweight Inconel 625.

Why Inconel?

Inconel 625 is a non-magnetic, corrosion and oxidation-resistant, nickel based alloy.

The main attractions of Inconel 625 to the Formula One™ & Le Mans arenas is in its extremely high tensile strength, with extreme thermo-chemical stability. The mechanical properties of Inconel allow comparatively thinner sections to be used than with other materials, thus reducing weight without compromising strength. Inconel allows for reduced thickness over traditional stainless steel, while strength is actually increased compared to identical amounts of stainless steel.

Example- a typical Inconel 625 exhaust system or manifolds set can be lifted with one's finger tips alone, while matching the strength of a heavier stainless steel equivalent. Inconel's incredible strength to weight ratio (similar to Titanium) allows very thin wall material to be used in construction, whithout risk to structural integrity. This combination results in incredibly light weight components that will not weaken over time.

Inconel alloys are oxidation and corrosion resistant materials well suited for service in extreme environments subjected to pressure and heat. This, combined with good tensile, fatigue, creep, and rupture strength, has resulted in its use in a range of testing applications (liquid fuelled rockets, metal parts for aircraft, aerospace, etc.) with the passage of time.

However, Inconel is extremely expensive as a raw material. Prohibitively so for many manufacturing markets > the key to realistic pricing of the end component will be deciphered by experience of working with the material, thereby saving wastage and labour time. Due to its rarity in mass manufacturing it is not readily available in tube form and must be rolled in-house, thereby further increasing labour costs over stainless steel. The main considerations when using Inconel is the requirement of a highly skilled workforce, state-of-the-art equipment, and the creation of time intensive processes.

Despite the inherent complexities of working with Inconel 625, it is favoured for elite/competition/exhaust/catalyst component manufacture by Larini Systems:

Durability - Inconel's main advantage over Titanium is reduced risk of oxidation of the material through prolonged excessive heat exposure, resulting in brittle components and potential breakages. As such, Inconel is better suited to applications with higher operational temperatures. Inconel's superior durability to extreme heat make it a superior material for Turbocharged and Motorsports applications - which is why Inconel (and not Titanium) is used for F1™, Indycars, Le Mans, NASCAR and many elite formulae.

Experience - Due to its predominant historic use in-house, it is the material Larini Systems are most comfortable with working alongside Stainless Steel for componentry.

Efficiency - In vehicular terms: Importantly the weight typically comes off the front (cats) or rear (muffler) of the car and so has a profound benefit to the balance and all aspects of performance. These components are as close to a Formula One™ system that exists. Utilising type 625 inconel in 0.4mm>0.9mm thickness for tube, silencer casing, & muffler internals typically, and 8mm>10mm inconel for flexible bellows, brackets and flanges typically. (N.B. When vehicle manufacturers ‘market’ certain roadcar exhausts as Inconel or Titanium, it is in fact typically a mix of materials).

Inconel's net inherent weight advantage over stainless steel is in its superior strength, allowing thinner sheet to be used, thereby less material utilised. Hence, the post construction weight saving.

The Larini philosophy is that the sporting vehicle must be super light. The key enemy for vehicle efficiency and dynamics is weight. Performance is not solely a number of horsepower - as power to weight ratio is equally important. Developed via racing, Larini's technologically advanced lightweight designs, unique sounds, and elite constructions, will assist the driver and vehicle to perform in the most demanding of environments. Whilst still satisfying those enjoying their super sports car on a regular basis.

There is no substitute for experience gained through Track & Endurance competition. To sample this please contact Larini.

LARINI - Designed to Win.

** For ultimate thermal management, performance, AND DURABILITY, this exhaust component features custom designed, double layer, INCONEL SUPERALLOY heat shielding technology (with internal performance insulation). Perfected through the racing programme & tested to destruction in the harshest of thermally volatile environments - nothing else on the market will come close!