Larini 'GT2’ Manifolds (Inco)Part No: LA5945GTMANIETA: To Order$5,223


  • CAD Designed & CNC Executed

  • Aviation Grade T.316 Stainless Steel + F1 SPEC INCONEL 625

  • Laser Cut Mounting Flanges

  • Vent-Matrix Heat Shielding

  • Tig Welded Assembly


  • Precision Engineered For Accurate Fit

  • CNC-Machined Lambda Bosses

  • Original Lambda Probes Retained

  • CNC-Machined Air Injection Rails

  • Larini Systems Warranty


  • Sharper, Crisper, Sound Across The Rev Range

  • Does Not Vibrate Or Drone

  • Practical For Regular Use


  • Expertly Packaged Equal Length Primary Pipes

  • 'F1' Style Stepped Upper Primary Tubes

  • F1 Style 'Merge' Collectors


  • + Noticeable Bhp Gain Typically

  • + Low/Mid-Range Torque

  • Sharper Throttle Response

  • Significant Weight Reduction> Benefiting Handling & Braking

  • Controlled Temperatures> Aiding Performance Efficiency

  • Modulated Back Pressure Levels> Assisting Engine Performance

  • Vastly Freer Flowing than OE





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  • Listed prices exclude shipping

Increased diameter and length (INCONEL SHIELDED) Larini tubular manifold pipes help optimise exhaust gas outflow from the engine. Essential for those who seek to aid engine performance.

Constructed from stainless steel, and lighter than the standard parts, the Larini components provide increased performance while increasing efficiency> massively accelerated gas-flow reduces engine bay and operating temperatures, protecting the engine bay components from damage, while optimising performance.

Once coupled with a Larini exhaust system, the owner can expect a significant horsepower increase > offering major power and torque gains WITHOUT affecting driveability. Furthermore, the ‘note’ and ‘tone’ of the engine is significantly improved once the Larini manifold is fitted – which offers a pleasant acoustic improvement over standard.

The stock manifolds are prone to cracking with age. Lightweight pipe walls and expansion in the exhaust system line can cause the cracks. Once this happens, degradation of the manifold pre-cats can happen quite quickly. Heat expansion can cause system growth by about 25mm, yet the rear box is bolted solidly to the transmission. Something has to give - namely the manifolds/pre-cats. If one notices the tell-tale ticking noise on cold start then manifold failure is imminent. These are the reasons that a) the original pre-cat manifolds aren't always worth repairing or modifying and b) we recommend our manifolds are fitted with our expandable muffler mounting kit (as an additional precaution).


Heat is a major issue in the back of any rear engined Supercar, and the 430 Scuderia is no different. The stock exhaust manifolds have an outer skin with a thermal matting placed underneath.

** For ultimate performance, thermal management, AND DURABILITY, the Larini GT2 Manifolds feature custom designed, double layer, INCONEL SUPERALLOY Dual Heat Shielding Technology (with internal performance insulation). Perfected through the racing programme & tested to destruction in the harshest of thermally volatile environments - this technology offers unrivalled, and SUSTAINABLE, vehicular exhaust performance. Little else comes close.


Bulky single skin exhaust shielding is used by OEMs to safely 'manage' engine bay temperatures. Larini evolves that application further to aid overall vehicular performance. Larini uses superior, lightweight, ultra-thermally efficient Inconel shielding to protect engine bay components from damage by the massive heat generated by the 430 Scuderia exhaust line. However, by Dual Shielding, keeping the lightweight inconel shield tight to the exhaust AND double insert-insulating the exhaust component, overall 'performance' now increases too... Keeping the heat within the exhaust by limiting external dissipation as much as possible, means the hotter the internal expelled exhaust gas is - the faster it flows - this is physical law. Faster expulsion of exhaust gasses results in less pressure backing up to the engine, and vitally- increased engine performance.

Dual shielding is an overtly complex and labour intensive technology to apply. Yet, Inconel Dual Heat Shielding Technology is the barrier favoured for use in F1 engine component packaging by Manufacturers - obsessed with chasing durability AND outright performance in the thermally volatile demands of the modern Turbo Charged/Hybrid era. Primarily, without doubt, as it is unlikely to fail to perform to an elite level, under prolonged and aggressive heat cycling. (It will not wear away or fall off, being durable enough to endure repeated physical handling and use under the pressure of competition).


The use of heat-safe shielding is used on the stock exhaust manifolds themselves. Due to the internal packaging and critical operating temperatures of the 430 Scuderia, aftermarket unshielded large diameter exhaust manifolds may risk exposing the surrounding engine bay components to 'heat soak' damage. When replacing the manifolds on a 430 Scuderia - the driver must be sure of the credibility of the aftermarket thermal barrier on the manifolds being used. A paint-based barrier IF not applied correctly, may not suffice as a longterm option in this instance. (Every thermal barrier has its place on the thermal spectrum - but must be rated accordingly and applied correctly, as per thermal requirements - many 2nd tier re-sellers tend to be unable or unaware of this as they rarely work on the project vehicles themselves).